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Welcome to St. Elizabeth’s Dundonald

We’re here to introduce people to the living God, who He is, what He is doing today, and why we should sit up and take notice of Him.

To speak of God means to speak of Jesus. In fact, Jesus himself said ‘I and the Father are one’ (John 10:30). To put that another way – the totality of God and His plan for the world and for us is summed up in all that Jesus has said and done.

This is just great news – because what it means is that no one needs to look anywhere beyond Jesus to find out what our significance is and what our place is in God’s wonderful purposes. Jesus is the hub.

We’re constantly tripping over ourselves to find things that will give meaning to our lives. Money. Friendships. Popularity. Religion. Job security. Stable family. Bigger House. Holidays. Music. You name it, we’ll chase it. At the end of the day however, there is only one answer – and that answer is Jesus Christ. Everything else in life finds its proper place when the Lord Jesus Christ is put first – and that what St Elizabeth’s is all about; helping one another take the next step in doing just that.

So have a read. Think carefully about what matters in life. And join us in this great adventure of putting Jesus first.

Yours warmly,

Tim Anderson (Rector)